Several small steps for humankind.

While our primary goal is to explore the technical and economic feasibility of geological sequestration, there are many smaller goals along that path. Some have already been completed. Others have just begun. But all are essential in ensuring that every aspect of this promising technology has been safely and thoroughly explored.

Our goals
  • Investigate the options for the geological storage of carbon dioxide in the 60,000-square mile geological feature known as the Illinois Basin.
  • Contribute to knowledge of the subsurface and determine if carbon dioxide can be safely stored in the deep rock formations of the Illinois Basin.
  • Develop measurement, verification and accounting protocols to ensure safe and effective sequestration operations.
  • Assess and validate aspects of geological carbon dioxide storage applicable at large scale in the Illinois Basin.
  • Continue investigations into the methods and economics of carbon dioxide capture at facilities such as coal-fired power plants.

Midwest Geological Sequestration Consortium
Midwest Geological Sequestration Consortium
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