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Around the world, research is being conducted on energy solutions that will help to manage our reliance on carbon-based fuels. Science is taking the next logical step by pursuing a wide range of interim solutions designed to create cleaner-burning fuels and reduce the global impact of greenhouse gases released into the environment.

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MGSC logo 2014 Midwest Carbon Sequestration
Science Conference

November 5-6, 2014
I Hotel and Conference Center
Champaign, IL

CSIRO and CarbonKids release new CCS book for children

A book created by Western Australian primary school students will help children around the world better understand greenhouse gases and the process of carbon capture and storage. The book, “A Day in the Life of a Carbon Atom - Starring: Adom”, was released concurrently at the 2014 National Carbon Capture and Storage Conference in Sydney, Australia. The book was written and illustrated by 21 Year Six and Year Seven students and negotiations are now underway for its distribution to schools participating in the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute’s international education program.

Information about the book can be found on the Global CCS Institute education program website at www.co2degrees.com.

STEP works with regional partners on development
of international workshop

International Workshop on Public Education, Training, and Community Outreach for Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage
July 30-31, 2014, Decatur, Illinois

This workshop is being developed and sponsored by the National Energy Technology Laboratory (U.S. Department of Energy), Archer Daniels Midland Company, Schlumberger Carbon Services, Illinois State Geological Survey (University of Illinois), and Richland Community College. The technical program will feature cutting-edge tools and techniques for public education, training, and community outreach on CCUS. Workshop attendees will tour the Decatur commercial-scale carbon capture and storage project at the ADM facility. To present a paper, submit an abstract to dlarrick@richland.edu for the following topics: (1) Ongoing Programs in CCUS Education and Training, (2) Project Developer/Industry Experience in Public Communications, (3) Sharing Knowledge/Lessons Learned for Effective CCUS Outreach, or (4) Advancing CCUS Education, Training, and Outreach Programs, Key Messages, and FAQs.

The workshop will also include a full day of programing for K-12 teachers with interactive lesson plans, containing activities and experiments related to CCUS and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Abstracts are due March 31, 2014, click here for the "Call for Papers". Please refer to the National Sequestration Education Center (NSEC) website http://nsec.richland.edu for the Call for Papers and workshop updates. Download the workshop flyer here.

If interested in presenting at the Teachers Workshop for grade levels K-2, 3-5, 6-8, or 9-12, contact Dr. David Larrick, Director, Sequestration Program, Richland Community College (E-mail: dlarrick@richland.edu; Phone: 217-875-7211, ext. 6175).

Presentations from the 2013 Midwest Carbon Sequestration Science Conference now available

The MGSC, STEP and Schlumberger Carbon Services welcomed over 100 participants to the 2013 Midwest Carbon Sequestration Science Conference, October 7-9, 2013. This conference showcased current research by project partners and featured a full day of presentations on the IBDP 1-million tonne saline reservoir injection demonstration, including geology, geophysics, environmental monitoring, outreach/education, and compression/infrastructure. Presentations from the meeting are now available for viewing at

STEP Instructors Visit Seoul, Korea
November 19-21, 2013

Dr. Robert Finley and Dr. Sallie Greenberg attended the Mid-term Meeting of the Korean Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST), November 19-21, 2013 in Seoul, Korea. The Illinois State Geological Survey, as leader of the MGSC, and Schlumberger Carbon Services team are working with KIOST project management on key technical and non-technical issues.

While in Korea, Dr. Finley and Dr. Greenberg met with the Korea CCS Association, Seoul National University, and KIOST. Each meeting provided an opportunity for knowledge sharing about the IBDP for students, geologists, and engineers. These meetings and seminars presented a unique opportunity for knowledge sharing while gaining a better understanding of CCS in Korea. By gaining greater understanding of CCS stakeholders in Korea, the MGSC team is able to contribute to the site selection process and the demonstration of CCS technology in Korea. Additionally, the MGSC team will be able to help new international research partners and stakeholders understand the landscape of CCS in Korea with the objective of furthering large-scale deployment in the long-term, while supporting cooperation between Korea and US DOE.

CRISO and CarbonKids release new CCS book for children.

Sallie Greenberg reviews new CCS book for children at the 2014 National Carbon Capture and Storage Conference in Sydney, Australia.

Presenting at 2013 PAG.

Ed Mehnert with the ISGS resents at the 2013 Midwest Carbon Sequestration Science Conference.

Presenting at 2013 PAG.

Dr. Rob Finley and Dr. Sallie Greenberg attend a meeting with KIOST in Seoul, South Korea.

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