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Established through the pioneering efforts of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the U.S. Department of Energy, and the University of Illinois - Advanced Energy Technology Initiative, the Sequestration Training and Education Program was created to share new climate mitigation technology as it is developed, dramatically reducing the time it takes for innovations in research to be disseminated and implemented operationally.

At STEP, we are part of a vital initiative, transferring carbon capture and sequestration technology from the edge of science to the heart of a growing industry and equipping today's energy professionals with the knowledge they need to help mitigate global environmental change.

Through continuing education, hands-on training and innovative outreach programs, STEP provides career enhancement opportunities and leadership development for engineers, geologists, service providers, regulators, executives, teachers, and others in a wide range of sequestration-related fields.

While our roots lie in the Midwest Geological Sequestration Consortium, one of the world's leading carbon capture and storage research programs, our vision is larger than any single technology. As research continues to develop, we will go where technology leads, ensuring that the next generation of alternative energy providers have the tools they need to lead the world forward — one informed step at a time.

Our Vision

To provide hands-on learning experiences, capacity building, and information sharing on cutting-edge climate mitigation technology, including carbon capture and storage, through exceptional outreach and education programs.

Meet our team.
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The Sequestration Training and Education Program
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STEP is a program of the Advanced Energy Technology Initiative, University of Illinois.
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